Watch Your Head, and Your Toes

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Author therealone
Tags author:therealone challenge hard jumper mine playable puzzle rated simple
Created 2008-03-26
by 13 people.
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Description So I started my own "Simple Challenge" Series, this is the twelth map in the series. This is a mine jump, and yes it is possible, just very hard.

You can find my other maps in the series here:

EDIT: So I had this map up before and you had to go all the way across the map and I realized that 14 perfect jumps was unreasonable, so its down to 4 jumps, and it's still really hard. so here it is ReSubed.

Please play and rate :)

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Improved my run by a lot :D
Demo Data
I know it's possible, but I'll never get it lol

This is just too difficult. I did it, thought.
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Demo Data

Here is one jump

I have yet to make all 4 jumps in a row, only made 3 so far, but here is me making one jump. this is just to so that it is possible, i will post a full demo once i beat it.
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Yes this lvl is possible, I Promiss that.
i cant do 1 jump