The Inside Of Samsung

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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 bitesized drone hybrid playable puzzle rated test
Created 2008-03-27
Last Modified 2016-03-10
by 26 people.
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Description With Samsung, it's very hard to imagine. Fucking hard.

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I didn't even realise that, but it _is_ strikingly similar to mine.

On topic, not bad, but it didn't really click with me.

Well done though.
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Cool concept.


Loved this. I think the route could have been a bit longer, though.
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5 stars

Nice idea and great gameplay
The execution was really good even though the idea isn't at all new.


omg, i love this so much.
one of the best of your levels i have ever played
i would have bitten this if it wasnt allready
i dont bite many maps!! so this is pretty special!!
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Done before,

But this is really fun.
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Top Rated! Woot!


This is something I haven't seen before.
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I put a demo on Nreality before you modified, now it doesn't finish. Are you able to delete it?


your msn nickname I see
One of the cooler maps I've seen in ages and ages. 5/5 for sure.


great fun and not too difficult :D, only took my a few tries but i love it :D 5 and faved mr!
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Nice concept!

Ooh, nice concept. I like how you get to get within such a small space of the drone to be able to advance.
Great tileset, great map, really effective use of just one drone in tight spaces. Would be even cooler if there was an optional gold route or something like that. 4.5/5.
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I just had to employ the help of frame mode.
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'Tis Cool

I much enjoyed

Thanks for the ded!

I really appreciate it! Also, I'm not nearly good enough to beat this level the normal way, so I had to use the cheat way again.
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