On the Flip Side

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Author therealone
Tags author:therealone challenge hard playable rated simple walljump
Created 2008-03-27
Last Modified 2008-03-28
by 7 people.
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Description This is the 13th map in my own "Simple Challenge" Series. There was an old 13th map, but it sucked, so i made this one. I think that this is harder, and worthy of a simple challenge title.

EDIT: Added more mines because xaelar insists on corner jumping lol.

You can find all of the maps in my series here:

Please play and rate :)

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I can't get a demo :/ 3

@ xaelar

I once managed that too, but I wasn't recording a demo.


Make it cheat-proof!!!
Demo Data

Demo Data


love these btw.
Demo Data

bit faster

Demo Data

could be faster

cool map.
Demo Data


this is harder