Alien Undergrowth

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda medium playable rockets unrated
Created 2008-03-28
Last Modified 2008-03-28
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Description open rocket-y map

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Sometimes I wish I could scrap everything and start from scratch with an approach like this. Utterly faved.

thanks dude

ah well my tastes change :P my maps haven't been very good lately so i haven't been submitting but okay sure.. if I make a non lame minimalistic map i'll post it
and it's still as beautiful as ever. You still make great maps, of course, but why did you stray from this magical barebones style?


I have one map you can rate, if you want.

One mistake

But still fastest AGD :)
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Why do you disable ratings? I love your maps, and this one.

Bare Nice Tileset.

Although everything worked though, it felt a bit empty, it wasn't overtly difficult to avoid the rockets.


nearly :P but it'l take more than that to beat me :P
Glad you likes it.

I didn't


Love this map ^^ 5aved
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missed a piece of gold
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