Out of Reach?

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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-08-15
by 17 people.
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Description I love this map because of how cool and different it is. Yes, it is very easy if you skip the gold but that would be missing the point. All-gold is possible, but the gold on top is a little tricky. Good luck!

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almost all gold missed 1 nice map
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really fun map
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Nice alternate method, nevvy.

Dag, yo

I really wanted to all gold this. Oh well, I missed two.
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I wish I could say I phrased it like that on purpose, but I didn't. That's funny.


"that would be missing the point"

Haha! Quite literally.

Great map!

Andother one of your simplish-challengy maps! It was vary fun to play! 5/5 and faved!
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thats hard to all gold. 4/5
But here's all-gold for ya.
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