Rocket Madness

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Author Etz
Tags action author:etz dedicated-to-prpperty etz-rocket-series fun hard playable rated
Created 2008-04-01
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description *This one is dedicated to prpperty for animating me to go ahead with the series, for playing every part of the series, and for the 2 dedications I already got from him*

Oh yeah! 6th part.
8 rockets. 4 chambers.
Mostly of the time 2 rockets are chasing you. And the funniest thing: It's not as hard as you maybe think now. I playtested it through and through, but it is ok.
The upper half is a bit harder than the lower half, but that doesn't matter in my opinion.
I didn't got an agd so far, but I was really close, so I expect some of you to get a fast agd.

Another point: I'm sick of adding the links of the predecessors. So if you wanna play the first 5 parts, please click on the "etz-rocket-sereis" tag and you will see all of them.

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yeah definitely....

where would I end up if it wouldn't be liek this?

Well yea

But the maps gets rated kinda slowly :) Anyway, it's cool that people are checking the maps.
after some guys said "hey, thats cool!" i made a series...
and 4 maps of it are rated...more than i have ever thought of.
I maybe go up until part 10, but i don't know for sure


Yea, I was lucky at the end ^^ But Analu was insane again :P

Heh :P

Actually, I asked my friend to try this map ^^ He liked it and rated it 4.5 ;P Anyway, I don't know who's the another one.

Too bad the series doesn't have enough fans to make it rated :(


Actually I didn't have the idea, that the map could have been played on NReality (what, of course, is kinda stupid of me...)

*watches every demo*
close-call at the end; i thought you would die, but you didn't
because it got no rating and suddenly i have three..
almost seems, as you have a little fangroup with yu, prpperty, which rates the same things as you ;-)

I like it, that you liked this..after the comments of SkyRay and destiny my hope of making a good map was buried...

*watches agd*

But ofcourse

If you put switches near the gold, then the completion will be hard, but it wont make AGD harder.

Anyway. Heres my AGD. Some closecalls included, same as always :P I couldn't beat Analu... ( NReality )
Demo Data

Thanks for the ded

I really appreciate it. Map is awesome, I liked the gold placement. 4.5, faved.

I don't see anything bad for making completion easy. When you atleast get all the gold, you can simply complete the level. If completion would be hard, then it would be too frustrating - you get the gold, and die when trying to reach the exit...

Working on an AGD now :)

@ SkyRay

Thats your opinion. You don't have to apologise. I read your opinion, think of it - in some cases you're maybe right - and my next map will be maybe improved by critcism. So tahnk you.

I know that completion is easy. And that has one reason: how would you make it harder? The series is a "rocket-series" and that means (or is supposed to be meant) that there are ONLY rocketss enemies. Ok, sometimes I used mines instead of tileset, but that didn't bother the gameplay.
You see, i could only use rockets to make completion harder. I usually added a rocket, but then the whole map became hard, so i decided to make completion easy, and agd hard.

AGD can be fun

but dont you think completion is a little...easy?
Demo Data


I'm not a huge fan of simplistic tile set and enemies and having it still be a more challenging level, i don't think it makes a good combination, because not a lot of thought or time and effort seems to be put into it, my apologies, i just suggest getting more creative.