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Author tom_tom
Tags author:tom_tom easy-medium playable rated
Created 2008-04-01
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description The first map i've submitted to NUMA!

Please give me tips on how to improve this, and other levels I make.

Thank You!


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It's way, WAY better than a lot of first maps around here.
I love the tileset, you could actually submit that seperately if you wanted to.
Nothing is really spammed, which is a big problem in most first maps.
Enemy placement and object placement was great.
The only thing is basically what other people are saying:
make it a little more difficult. Another thing that helps is having a sort of gold placement/mine placement theme. Check out some of my maps, like this and this and this
and look at the gold/mine theme. If you have a theme, it's very aethsetically pleasing.
Anyway, good map. i gave it a 4.5.

Nice one.
Demo Data

3.5 for a first

cause, like 3.5 is, it's quite a lot above avg for a first.

also again

don't place doors and stuff on top of gausses or rockets, it's not considered pretty and can drag down your rating.

And try to make your tiles a tad more dynamic too, try using some 1,2 or 3 tiles to join the corners.


Don't use doors as much, where you've put the doors you could just place a few gold pieces in a neat line. try to lure people more with gold than with doors, then the people who aren't as good at the game don't have to go for the gold, making them enjoy it, and rate you higher, and the better people can go for the gold to get a more challenging and ejoyable experience.
I'd make it a little more difficult and I'd add some more enemies