Intruder in District Z86F59

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob bitesized featured image-map nreality playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-04-02
Last Modified 2008-06-17
by 46 people.
Map Data

Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

This map is not for the weak. If this is your first time playing N or even your 10,000th time playing don't play this. Anyway. I guess you can enjoy the art a bit =D

Please watch the demo if you think it is too hard. It's a puzzle, remember.

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This map was featured on 2009-05-29

I have always been filled with envy when I play Evil_bob's maps. Especially his N-reality maps.

Take this one for example. He perfectly simulated the atmosphere of a high security break in. Such as, dim lights on the ceiling, chainguns that shoot on the spot and a complex system of doors.

But the best part is all the little things that Bob does with his images. Like, the lines that go across the walls telling you which switches open which doors and the extremely clever use of the foreground image to change the shape of the gold. Simply amazing. — spudzalot

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Demo Data

Awesome map, watching Nexx's demo makes me enjoy it all the more.

This map

Is friggin' nuts. 5/5

That door

is the shiz

First try.

Very cool.
Demo Data


completely different feel, awesome.


Once again.



the chainguns are perfectly timed. Very fun map. Great atmosphere. 4.5^aved


really like this map and the background. Evil_Bob's done it. 5aved.


Evil_Bob truly was the master of Nreality maps! No doubt about that. People just tinkered around with nreality concepts, he actually made superb maps with them.

If you play the map right and go for everything in the right order there is no waiting whatsoever. F1nd t3h fl0w.

Its cool but...

there is just to much waiting involved.


uhh no i guess
the chaingun is too glitched.


Thanks for the feature and great comments guys!
lol... people tell me to read the manuel thing.. but yeah, you did great with this one =D...
Demo Data

My NReality doesn't work.


That image is kickass.


ok wow.

this is so confusing but soooo fun

I am in awe

So much so I'm even twitching a little.

It's hard to tell apart oneways, tiles, doors etc. apart sometimes.
Demo Data

And this was, and still is, worth a feature!

Mmmm, yeah.



Simply amazing and Awesome. 5aved.

I remember this!

Amazing! Great! Cool! Nice!

Great image, but hard to paly with it,

Oh, very nice.

I love the use of background image.

We miss you Bob. D;
Out of nowhere. 5+ed+aved

Image maps

How do you make your own images? What application do you use? And how do you put the picture on the website?


It's a cool idea, and you did the top third well, but the other two thirds aren't much fun. Love the imagework, though.

@DaggaFork: Your demo wasn't made with NReality. You might want to try this map again the way it was intended. :)
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I beat the level but for some reason the replay didnt show in user levels as a personal best :/


Awesome!! True work of art...Tileset and the chainguns rock!! 5aved


Sick chainguns.


I love the image, and the drones. It's so Terminator like... You have to be really careful.
But wow, what a hard map (Nreality style).
Tough !
Well done. A piece of art.

Really fun. 3.5aved

Demo Data


The mods didn't load. >_<
Fun nontheless. And i _hate_ when that happens.