a-maze-ing (mark 2)

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Author tom_tom
Tags author:tom_tom medium playable rated
Created 2008-04-02
Last Modified 2008-04-02
by 6 people.
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Description Thank you for all the comments you gave me, they really helped.

I've tried to redo this level with all your comments in mind and hope it's made the level better.

Please give me any tips/advice.


Ok, i've made some more changes.

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Thumbnail of the map 'a-maze-ing'


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Fastest AGD
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Also, the gold room is way too hard with 2 rockets. Not to mention that it would just be better to put the gold throughout the level. I like the rest of the level, but it's quite easy.
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All Gold?

Dam, the top bit of gold is so hard to get :(
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Its a little better.
Didn't like the rocket room.
You don't need two enemies, when one can do it. ;)