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Author wulfgang
Tags action author:wulfgang jumper-ish playable rated
Created 2008-04-03
Last Modified 2008-04-04
by 8 people.
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Been a while since I've made a map, hopefully I still get a little love.

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Those tiles are just soo sexy...
i like it about the same though, i like the flow of this way but i like the gimmick of the bounceblock at the start the other way :)

fast agd
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did you realise that you didn't follow the set flow?

Slightly faster demo
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changed to action.
a "race map" is a map that you want to complete as fast as possible.

I was never very good at mine jumpers.

Should be tagged as action.
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Enjoyable but not a race.

sub 1000

too awkward and.. flowless to be called a race me thinks, and that's coming from me :/ still i enjoyed it
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Lets see

some speedy demos.
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