No InvaSions CatastrOphes Or civiL wars

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Author tom_tom
Tags author:tom_tom medium-ish playable unrated
Created 2008-04-03
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Description My lastest map, hope you like it!

Any tips on how to improve it?

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Hey, look!

The capitalized letters in the title spell "N is cool."


find this map fairly easy, which is good. A recommendation I would have is: you see those mines, placed really close together? You don't need that many. One tile apart creates a barrier already.


realy finished and faster.
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i think...

that you could delete some of the mines. Some of them are not necessary. Than its faster and more fun. Make another one, I love this map. ;)


I loved it. 5/5aved

Look at my demo, i coult puke! ;-)
Demo Data
The slope jumps where well done though, only they gave the map a one-dimensional feel, in that you used them for every challenge. 2.5/5