Dungeon of Dooms: The chase

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver bitesized dda rated
Created 2005-08-15
by 165 people.
Map Data

Description At last my own KRADDA its not as good as tattletale or rocket-ed but i think its pretty good... The thing i added is close calls with mines... So please rate and comment plz plz plz i worked on this map for a really long time

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plz rate those too

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HOW DO YOU DO IT? IT'S AMAZING! I DEFINETLY HAVE TO 5AVE IT, there is no choise, i love it with a passion.

i like it

amazing that the missile doesnt hit anything, but it is fun when u move yourself so the missile blows up


sweet 5/5 from me!plus on my favorites list

looks cool

haven't downloaded it I'll rate it once I do. I agree with Chaotix_0 tattletale IS more based on the way the author makes the rocket go.

me likes

i like alot


kradda=keep the rocket alive don't do anything, not keep right don't do anything.



whats the meaning of KRADDA keep right a dont do anything
i press right a died on the mine i think u dont nedd to press a thing. 4.5\5

Gold delay.

It was pretty good. 4.5/5


everybody likes a good close call KRADDA lo 4.5/5

OH...MY...GOD! Great map! Reminds me of the ever-popular Tattletale!! 5/5


I like how you had close calls with the rocket killing N as well as the rocket dying. Very good, 5/5

just sayin'

its kinda pointless to post a replay on DDA, because it comes out the same every time no matter who does it. nice name, though, old guy.


Demo Data

I tried getting

rid of the normal doors, and it worked fine.



Keep Rocket Alive

Oh, and 5/5.

will someone please

answer my question? what does KRA stand for?


Normally, I dont like giving out good ratings, because alot of things i look at arent very good, bute, im not gonna lie, its amazingly fun to watch


I am new here and I like that map thingy. I am wondering what DDA means. Thank You.

I dont see it

I just don't see the interest in DDA. I'm sure you spent lots of time on it, and as far as DDAs go it was good, but just not as interesting as a good level. That's just me though.




reallly nice map. amazingly, it's the top rated right now. snipers haven't got this one yet. 5/5

i submitted a map

called the chase, yours wins hands down.


personally, the mines don't do it for me.
the really really fast sections where the rocket ended up going the wrong way and looping around in crazy patterns was much better.

i think it's

better than tattletale. 5/5 + faved.
p.s. what does KRA stand for? does it mean the rocket never blows up?

lyk omg

pwnz0r 5/5


i love ddas where the rocket follows u the whole time, definitely a classic

nice job



Best. DDA. Ever.

5/5 + faved.


i like this better than tattletale 5/5


wow! that was awsome!


I thought you did a great job with the mines! 5/5!


Nice. That was awesome. Keep it up mithril, man that was sweet. I still think tattletale was better though(no offense) 4.5!


wow that was boring
it sweet to watch it

thats gooooooood

very very very cool, nice to watch, well done

thats gooooooood

very very very cool, nice to watch, well done