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Author Sniperwhere
Tags author:sniperwhere hard metaset playable unrated
Created 2008-04-04
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Third and final for this rounds Metaset 2. I hope this does better than the other two.

The name is just a reorganization of the origional level's name. Acrimony. AKA 74-3.

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no one rated it..until now


Damn hard :P
Stupid mines :)

But I made it.
Demo Data


my bad, sniperwhere. I didnt know. Apologies.

What I don't get is

why you guys keep saying the tileset is from the game. DUH. it's for a contest where you are supposed to use a tileset from the game and change the enemies. I'm not stupid.

At DaggaFork. If you don't like it, rate it a 2. If anyone has a problem they are stupid. I have nothing against that rating.

tileset from game
It's supposed to be. That's the whole point of the competition that he's participating in!

Hate it, no offence.

I would rate it 2. But then all these random n00bs would come and tell me that '2' is a 'SnIpE'. And everybody would take revenge on me, and my maps would all be rated '.5'.

It's annoying when that happens, so, NR.