Chaining the Right Notes

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Author T3chno
Tags action author:t3chno imagemap nreality playable rated
Created 2008-04-05
by 10 people.
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Doesn't matter if you play in Nreality or not; either way works.
Quite a fun map...


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Brilliant, flawless

I just loved it.
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But otherwise fine. The map's pretty good. Not quite there, IMO. Can't really put my finger on why, but I think it's the placement of stuff in little alcoves (like the middle left). Those are kind of annoying with chainguns around. But other than that, your chaingun use is quite good.

All-golded (slow):
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It looks almost as if you're promoting your forums with this. Nice map, though.


the background makes the gameplay a bit hard, but a great level anyway (4/5)

haha cool

reminded me of Rayman on the old playstation!


not too fond of the background but gameplay is great, just for that 5/5.


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And those people were astronauts....
Then it somehow became music-related. =X
The "people" didn't really fit with the image, but nevertheless it was a good image.

nice image.

the background & foreground compliment eachother
I think O.o
Otherwise, good.