( An Underwater Adventure )

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob bitesized featured image-map knytt nreality playable rated
Created 2008-04-05
Last Modified 2009-12-28
by 29 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

Based off of knytt stories:

Tiles and part of the level from Nifflas' knytt stories level "An Underwater Adventure" (I am currently checking with him to see if he cares. Hopefully not >_> ) . The level is cool! Try it out!

This map was featured on 2014-08-07

Evil_Bob was an esteemed member of our community for several years until his eventual retirement in 2010; who you might remember most for crafting insidiously fiendish puzzles [] that would make even the great xaelar scratch his chin in bewilderment. This is not really one of those maps. Instead—borrowing influences from Knytt []—Evil_Bob marriages elegant simplicity through barebones construction with NReality image wizardry. Image maps in the past are often notorious for using graphics to camouflage what is actually a pretty average map. The image usage in this case is cohesive and consistent; complementing a polished, cognizant design. — ska

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for god's sake everyone if you still play this game play the evil album


I think this is really good review. Nice job, ska!

..anywayone else playing Ynglet+ (from the website mentioned here) right now

I think there should be a dronie for top chimneyer

Nice to see the brightness +colour of the fire/explosions makes sense. Not an easy map at all and the blockgate panels dont help the unreality aspect of it. Btw I'm imagining the gold to be stuck to the back wall (as opposed to floating). Maybe the water could've been smoother. But nice feature I think, was really nice to view this



Nice choice!

This was on my to-feature list.
It's not ground-breaking or mind-blowing, it's just simple, clean, and well done. There's also something about the image that's just engrossing. 4aved.
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Pure Awesomeness

5aved ^_^


I accidentally posted Seifer's demo instead of my own. Here's mine:
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NR, just for that!
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Thanks Evil Bob!

Nice map

The map is fun on its own, but the image lends quite a bit of atmosphere to it. Well done!

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Really sets a mood...:P 5aved

I love it.

This is beautiful. Genius. I would bitesize it if i could.
I love knytt. NIFFLAS RULES.


I hear you...

Should be a sequal. I love it. 4.5aved.


Awesome level and image map looks great. Keep it up. 5/5
Check out my maps if you get a chance.

This is brilliant

for all you people out there that haven't yet got NReality you ARE missing out, I just got it and its opened up so many new possiblites

oh and the levels great aswell - 3.5/5

very cool

I like how the image is pretty but doesn't get in the way of the game play.
sweet job!
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But I liked this room the best. Besides... It wouldn't have been the same kind of puzzle. I can still make a puzzle with the tileset I guess. Or you could....