Down in the Depths: Pirates Cove

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Author pepi321
Tags action author:pepi321 collab condog image image-map map nreality playable rated treasure
Created 2008-04-05
Last Modified 2008-04-05
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description ===================
NReality Image Map!

COLLAB with Condog!
He did the image, and I did the map.


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Cool image

Gameplay was pretty good, but kinda harsh.

Slow AGD:
Demo Data


Absolutely great.
Gameplay is neat, object placement well done.
And the image gives a real +. Excellent job, you two.

Nice map.

I see some aspects in here from chalk (the dotted line stuff). And the gold is like the stuff in Intruder in District Z86F59.

But the level does have the whole key thing and whatnot. That was neat. Anyway.. Gameplay was alright.
Definitely makes the map interesting.

i liked


Good Blackson

Thank you for that. :)

4.5/5 great imagework, rockets get annoying in sections though.

No size either, these just get too many.....


and looks good (in NReality). 4.5/5.


I love it! The image is great and the map is fun, great collab map. 5/5
quite easy, and damn fun. 5/5