Michelle Five'fer

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Author maximo
Tags author:maximo bitesized dda rated
Created 2005-08-16
by 272 people.
Map Data

Description I promise, this is prettier than the actress. This is a 5 (five) way DDA. *gasps from crowd* Yes, 5. I think this is just awsome and I'm really happy how it turned out. No gold delay either, which is rare for a "more than one way" dda. Here are the 5 ways.

1.) hold nothing
2.) Start level with caps lock off, hold right, turn on caps lock.
3.) Start level with caps lock off, hold left, turn on caps lock.
4.) Start level with caps lock off, hold left, then click mouse twice (2 frames will pass), let go of left, turn on caps lock.
5.) Start level with caps lock off, hold right, then click mouse twice (2 frames will pass), let go of right, turn on caps lock.

I think each way is really cool, the please comment and rate and enjoy and all that jazz. Tell me wich number was your favorite too!

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Fresco. Cool.

Me gustaría poder puntuar este alto, pero no lo haré. I wish i could rate this high, but i won't. 3/5



What does caps lock change???


If I had the patience for that, I'd be fifty times better at map-making.

Didn't really

like #2

Love this

5aved. Lags a lot though. My fav is #3

Love this

5aved. Lags a lot though. My fav is #3

250th vote!!!

yay!!! 5

Great idea and all

but too much launchpads. 4/5







actually 6

caps locks on then hold right for 1 frame then put it back on it also works


5 is my favourite because it was the that i realised what an incredible map this is.

#4 is my favorite,

but #5 is the number for this thang...
as in 5/5
and faved

Wow Cool

3 was favourite... 4 had more rocket close calls though, and 5 had more laser close calls... But great map! 5/5

I think

he knows that addicted2n. What with him having over 180 maps, the 20th member of numa and being a mod on the forums. And the only way to make many maps work is to play them in ned... just for the record.


Anything that makes me watch the same DDA 5 times is either realy great, or it has 5 diffrent ways to watch. With this map, its both.


You do realize that there is a file called userlevels where you can add all the user levels from here you want to it and then have the whole list in the menu called "user levels" right? Cuz it kinda seems like you are using the level creator as a way to play other peoples levels and your own. If you do then great, but if you don't then uhh, ask someone about it. I'm just tryin to help you out, don't get mad, cuz in a way it does seem like you do cuz if you can make such a complex dda like this then you should be like the god of N. Whatever. I have actually talked to people who had no idea what the user levels list was for, so I was just tryin to help.
i kno this is already on the top rated list... but it should be higher 5/5 and faved


5 ways, each with a lot of close calls. 5/5. How long did it take to do that?


that dda is amazing how u managed it i dunno


and Fived


wow this dropped fast... first to 8th? that would mean multi-accounting.

All of them worked.

I laughed,i cried, then i cried some more in comparison to my own maps. that. was. great.

good point

However, you misunderstand. i suffer from a rare disorder where i am only attracted to people who grow uteruses after they are born. I don't care if Maximo is male or female, i just care if he has grown a (or another) uterus




i realise you have 11 pages of comments but id jhust like to say, 19 thumbs up, good job!


one of the best dda's ive ever seen. to bad the ratings cant go higher than 5/5, cause id give u a ten. nut anyway...5/5 for me


FREAKIN AWESOME! i would have never had the patience to do that. 5/5 + faved


only beef, is that I don't like rockets, at all, ever...

really, i really hate them, they're loud, annoying, the sound doesn't go away unless you go into boss mode, and they don't really make good for ddas...

but i still think this is one of the best ones ever...

so -.5 for rockets, but still frickin amazing...


is this posibble


words fail me! 5/5 to da power of 5!!!


what does caps lock change?

Awesome 5/5

I did path five but clicked once instead. It's very similar. He still wins too.
Five different ways! I'm impressed. If anything were to be different I would have liked the door opening mechanism somewhere every run didn't fall on it right in the beginning, but that was still unbelievable. The more items the runs shared the more impressed I was. They all interlocked so nicely, especially on that section top right. Holding left was my favorite.


Who could possibly say this sucks. This is one of the best DDAs so far. 5 good (not amazing) DDAs in one. Each run isn't bad but all together thats amazing.
the 5th is teh best, but together they all equal like a 22 so i guess it gets 5'd

Hang on...

... what the hell is a 0/0??!!! that means he got full marks!!!!
"0/0 for idiocy"
Frickin' incredible. 5/5 and faved.