Energy Park Drive

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob image-map nreality playable rated
Created 2008-04-08
Last Modified 2009-12-28
by 5 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

Cool but real strange image map. Map is odd. The drones like the energy. remember that. Use a pink ninja people.

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It was experimental.

It's alright

Not as cool as some of the other stuff you've been doing, either gameplay- or image-wise.
Demo Data

Sorry Epigone

Maybe you should just change the ninja like I said you should.


How do I

view demos that are posted on nreality?

Or description.

It's what I meant.

Sorry Lemon007

No idea why >_>

@skyray - Use a pink ninja =D forgot to add that in the title.


Interesting map, a little confusing and hard to play, the background doesn't help XD, it looks cool tho, 4/5 for image and a 5 for gameplay, but i'm just giving it a 5 anyways ^^


good jorb

i have this promblem that my foreground's tansparency is not working could u help me plz?

Demo up

On N reality. =D