Rocky Mines 12

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Author lucasc190
Tags action author:lucasc190 chaingun-drone easy laser-drones mines playable rocky rocky-mines unrated
Created 2008-04-08
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Description Rocky terrain and lots and lots of laser drones and a chaingun drone. This is part of my Rocky Mines series at

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All enemies behave differently and I wanted to use laser drones because of the way they behave. The amount of laser drones also makes it harder because they all shoot from different directions.

You also said it wasn't that difficult, well if I only used one laser drone, then it would have been even easier.

By the way, it is actually possible to hit mines when trying to evade the laser drones, especially if you jump too early.

What's with the comment title, "#1 Rule: Don't Spam!".

Just because you like to use minimal enemies doesn't mean that everyone who uses lots is wrong.
All those lasers and that single chaingun were quite unnecessary. Less is more. And actually, it wasn't that difficult.

You see, a good map-maker is able to use minimal amounts of objects/enemies that are each effective in their own area. What you could have done was put one laser and one chaingun but used more objects below. Plus, those mines at the top were useless.