Point 1

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga bitesized rated tileset
Created 2008-04-09
Last Modified 2008-04-09
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description Tried making something newer, fresher, since my tilesets have been getting a bit stale.

Hopefully you will like the new directon

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not much of a change in style...more like instead of using little pieces you used big configurations. Not exciting. 3/5


You should try some other styles of tilesets. 1, as you said this style is getting old. I agree. This one is a bit different but still pretty much the same.

I suggest you try really hard to do some stylistic things that are almost the opposite of what your doing now. You don't even have to post them but just to get your head in a new place. It will probably add a lot to your tilesets and maps.

lol. That was long. (no rating)
I want to take out the tip left fligure that blocks from entering the open section.

By the way, I bitesized it in a hurry yesterday, which explains the abscence of a comment. 5/5.


its and eye opener! fun to look at for hours, seriously i stared at its beauty for about 5 minutes straight.



Some rooms are closed off which would be nice to have opened up , otherwise the new stile looks great, 5/5 great job.


I'd prefer the other rooms be opened.
The Enemy Guild.

The tileset here is awesome. I like the new approach. Super playable and mind-blowing. To an extent, but outstanding nonetheless. This deserves a four out of five.
Wow, good job! 4.5/5!~