Tricky Jumper Resub

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Author munkyboy
Tags action author:munkyboy glitched jumper jumper-action playable unrated
Created 2008-04-10
Last Modified 2008-04-10
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Description !RATE HERE!

3 DED's available
1st AGD - awarded to ___
fastest AGD - CURRENTLY awarded to ___
fastest completion - CURRENTLY awarded to "brocerius"

completion demo inc.


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my god

this is a hard level for an agd. Is that gold that I missed even possible? I've never been able to get it and stay alive.

I would go for an apgd but your glitches have glitches and it's killing me! Every time I pass through or get bounced out I get so frustrated... and if I make it to the end I die on that damn mine!

But seriously, this is a really awesome level! You did a really good job.
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map. 4
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I may have to give up the struggle for AGD... haaaaard. Ill go for a better completion though.
please! thanks! nice completion btw. will be eagerly awaiting the AGD =]

Excellent level

Fantastic glitch use. Really excellent. Very trickey as well. Loved it.

Completion. Imma try for an AGD, but it might take a while.
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Completion Demo

!Now Beat It!
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