Rocky w/ Soup

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob image-map jiggerjaw12358 nreality playable rated
Created 2008-04-10
Last Modified 2009-12-28
by 12 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

Jig asked me to do an image version of one of his maps. He gave me a couple to choose from and I liked this one:

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i like the way you did the gold.




You have to make them have transparent sections in the foreground. Look on the forum I think there are some tutorials there.

Cool Map!

Love the gold stars. 5aved.

Could you also give me some help with images? When ever I try to use a foreground image it always covers up the screen so I can't see. Please help.

you rock!

i love how you use the foreground to change the shape of the gold, stars... *_*

anyway very nice 5/5 for the image.

Nice image.

But it made the map harder.

Cool ^^

Awesome, i love the style of your image maps
I just did the same thing with one of my friends, i just did an image map for one of his survival levels.

Nice, well done. Just completion, not AGD.
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