Be Cautious

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Author tungvu
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Created 2008-04-13
by 5 people.
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Description A map I made for fun real quick..dont be too harsh on the comments but please do leave comments and rates..thx! Oh and check out my otha maps!!!

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I got lucky on the first few parts...

his explamation must have taken a lot of time...
the top part with the 4 rooms was not done well. NBS or Newbie - Box Syundrome is were newbies to NUMA and mapmaking tend to think that making rooms w/ boxes are good. They're not, and quite unattractive, apperently. Thye left side with the 'shaft' has been done many times before, and your wasn't that innovative, but a bit challenging. The 3 floorgaurds merge into one, which defeats the purpose of having 3, and the loads of mines didn't help the challenge of the map much. the middle, w/ the rocket and guass was probably the highlight of the mao, cuz it was hard to get all the gold w/out getting killed. The 2x2 one-ways are pointless. There are ways to get out of those. Overall, I'm gonna give this a 2.5.