Line of sight and smell

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Author remote
Tags action author:remote featured mnnml playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-04-14
by 29 people.
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Description MNNM week 5: ten minute maps

holy mackerel, 9 mins 45 seconds. That was bloody close =P

original idea was for me map pack, but theres abit too much going on for it to fit in really.

tell me what you think. who knows, i might still put it in.

This map was featured on 2009-07-06

And from this diagonal planet rises the sun. Satellites hang above the clouds, dangerous things hoping to catch a glimpse of a ninja enjoying the brisk atmosphere. Across a plain gray horizon, running, jumping, avoiding the death that may or may not be imminent. This is remote in the zone. Beautiful landscapes, consistent themes and deadly accuracy required to pass through his creations. If you enjoy challenge, try perfecting this. — origami_alligator

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i got a bit carried away cause i like a map to look full if yu get wat im saying :)


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Hate this



Nice map.
Easy if you're not going for an all gold.
but this ones too hard for me. cant make that mine jump towards the door opener.
great atmosphere and execution
Nice feature, southpaw

i do

this map is pretty cool.


make kickass maps like this and wait for a reviewer to feature it.


do you get a featured map?????


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that takes talent.

I miss you...
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And a good

one too. Fun with a great atmosphere.
4.5 up and faved


Hopefullly you will be in IRc a bit as well......
Where've you gone.


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I really liked it. Probably the fact that the exit isn't that hard to get to if you're patient, but because i wasn't patient I died about 60 times in a row before i figured out the one thing that would help me complete it.

Your maps are so much fun! :]
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Very good!

I was going to rate a 3.5 till I noticed this was a 10mm, so it went up a full ninja! Nice map.
but the tileset is sick!

the level good too
look out for it ;)

Nicely done.

I like this map.


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What mappack?

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