My Last Breath

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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot bitesized fast-paced flowy fun launch open playable race rated thwump walljump
Created 2008-04-17
Last Modified 2008-04-17
by 13 people.
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Description -Dont judge by thumbnail this is a good race-

Welcome to my very first race map! I just luvs it so much. I tested it forever and to my knowledge this race works very well. The only 2 parts i dont like are the room with the rocket because it sucks and the place right before you get the blue switch cuz its a little slow, but that is all. Oh, and the place where you have the thwump shove you through the tight spot, hold right.

anyway be nice because its my first race. and comment and tell me what you like and what i could improve on. ill post a demo tomorrow for any of you who get stuck.

RCE :)

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well heres my demo

sorry about that bounce block in the bottom left guys. it was going to be part of the level to slow you down for some drone timing stuff but i changed my mind and didnt get rid of the block. then when i realized it it was already rated. sorry again.

and thanks for the bitesize epigone :)
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I liked this a lot.

So much so, that you are receiving a bitesize.

Great for a first.

Although I don't beleive in adding a point for first maps. Try to avoid having those sudden stops. they ruin the flow. Otherwise, you have some good ideas in here. 4/5


4.5/5 + (for the first) 1/5 = 5.5/5 ^^

Too many sudden stops and bits of randomness. 3



5aved :D - great style, you should make more ^^
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thanks num_ninja

i guess i tweaked with the tileset then didnt test it lol
but now its fixed


Please playtest first. Good race so far.
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