Really, really, really cool 3D effect!

Thumbnail of the map 'Really, really, really cool 3D effect!'

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Author Eiturlyf
Tags author:eiturlyf nreality playable rated really-cool test tileset-made-by-asoccer98
Created 2008-04-18
Last Modified 2008-04-18
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Original map by asoccer98, go here to rate his cool map:

I was just messing around with Nreality and I made this!

-=NReality needed, really cool image map=-

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that's pretty awesome. 4.5


8.773's apparently the lowest it goes xD

That's really cool lookin eiturlyf (=

try and

press the try again button as fast as you can! I can get down to 8.773 seconds! (if you don't know what i mean, forget it)

Anyway, nice map!


I might try and make a map out of this, if it's OK with you...


guess again :)

That is....

The coolest thing i've ever seen. amazing

Let me guess.

Radial blur.

It's alright

It's interesting, but it's not THAT good, and it only looks 3D in the center area.


thats hot