If The Sock Fits!

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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot bazizzle flowy fun multienemy multiple-paths open playable rated trap-door
Created 2008-04-20
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description trying a different type of style then my other maps. instead of going for a certain concept of theme i just threw all sorts of stuff together. almost every type of enemy is here. except lasers cuz i couldnt find a good spot. anyway like the tileset and its actiony and puzzly. and do you guys like those drones rotating in the middle, they were just last second because it felt to empty. ill most likely change it depending on your opinions.

hope you guys like this. (dont even ask about the title)

RCE :)

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lol. nice map. good gold placement.
Demo Data

I liked it

pretty fun, but nothing exceptional. I found that after i played a certain part of it a few times i was able to do it easily from then on,
4/5 ;)