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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot mines one-ways order playable rated rockets swazi teleporters teleporting trapdoors
Created 2008-04-20
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description this is a level that i started 3 weeks ago and just didnt know what to do for the last room, but its finally done. there are lots of teleporters, rockets, mines and one-ways. the beginning starts off with mostly oneways then towards the last half there are mostly trap doors, the transition is bootyfull. if its cheatable please tell me.

there was going to be a background but my computer was recently eated by spyware, most of it is gone but still has spasms. but when i try to open up photoshop now it just dies right when it gets started. :( as soon as it gets fixed i will sbumit an image to this so the teles dont look so crrappy.

dont judge by the thumbnail either, it looks cooler full scale.
RCE :)

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(I really cant explain, serch it in the forums)

how do you teleport


I like this one a lot, the whole right side seems awkward and strange tho, bottom right seems empty and top right seems cluttered and doesn't match the rest of the map really. Overall the gameplay is great and somewhat simplistic, 4.5/5