Black Snow

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-08-19
by 22 people.
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Description Tough map by my standards. All-gold is an unrealistic target to set, so whoever can make the completion demo with the most gold collected gets a cookie. Frame count is irrelevant.

And the fastest demo, regardless of gold, also gets a cookie.

TIP: try and get the rockets to bunch together so they virtually form into one rocket. It\'s much easier to deal with one than six. This also means that if you keep the bunched rockets from hitting tiles you can get much more gold far easier - so, in some ways, this has elements of a Keep Rocket Alive map.

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Another excellent close call. This map really makes them happen.
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Holy balls.

Look at those rockets... :Q
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Demo Data


I get it. Read the descrip.

Beats me,

but my guess is you're just an idiot.


How does that make ANY sense?


I can't believe you actually put through with that, Echarin. You got nominated for demo of the year...

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Did I realize that it was actually a simulator of N being in the middle of a twister filled with horrible shrapnel. Very realistic.

Third Try

Nice map, well done. 5.
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Good job, Echarin.
*goes to FireFox's cookie-folder*
*Hacks into Echarin's computer*
*Echarin's FireFox-folder*

There ye go.


I'm very impressed, Echarin.


But it's almost all-gold, and I did it after just a try or two.
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All gold............ I think I deserve a billion cookies for this feat of skill..... Give them to me. NOW!
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I believe I got 42 gold pieces. Working on all gold demo... I'm getting close to finding a good, reliable path. All I have to do is execute that path...
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Fastest demo: 318, Eldrial.
Most gold: 36 pieces, Toshosoft.


I'm done with speed demos on this one. I'll give the cookie to Eldrial. He obviously needs it. BUT I WANT MINE!!! :)

318 frames

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another crazy demo.
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a pretty crazy demo. no completion, though. just crazy.
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Beware!! 36!!!! 36 GOLD PEOPLE!!! I missed one I could have gotten but hey, 36 isn't bad
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Don't worry

I'm trying to beat the 21 gold now >:)


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Demo Data


Demo Data


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Fastest demo: Toshosoft, 364 frames.
Most gold: Wellsj, 21 pieces.



mwa ha ha!

corner kicks are very useful >:)
Demo Data

guess what?

i wooped your 8 gold too. :)
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wow that is easy

lol i've been playing n for a really long time i feel like an idiot. i alomst beat it with 20 gold. no joke. i'm working on a demo
See your demo code? The first number, right at the start, before the :.

You whupped my ass - 504 frames. Highest gold count still stands at 8 though.
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i dont know how to figure out how many frames this is...its pretty fast though.

how do you check frames?

cool map btw. really cool tile/one way door set. 4/5
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It's way too laggy to play on my computer. Sorry. I'll abstain.

To start us off:

Cookie one: 8 pieces of gold collected (pretty poor, easy to beat)
Cookie two: framecount of 641 (quite good, will be harder to beat)

Have fun!
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