A Pat On The Back, A Sock In The Face

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Author mistaken72
Tags artish author:mistaken72 featured fun playable prisoner puzzle rated
Created 2008-04-25
Last Modified 2016-04-22
by 17 people.
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Description Haha, some idiots got into a fight today.

This map was featured on 2008-05-31

A Pat On The Back, A Sock In The Face is a unique roundabout map where almost all the tiles are quadrilaterals. mistaken72 knew what he was doing when he decided to squish you between two zap drones, because you have to rapidly make a shift in speed. Plenty of gleaming life in the form of gold awaits you so you don't die of "natural causes." This map is amazingly fun despite the difficulty. — kisler

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that's awesome. I remember playing this when it got featured and it was way hard for me.
easier now, but I still can't get a demo :P
5/5 because that is one awesome concept + beast tiles + fun.


The left and the middle are good, but I don't really like the right side and it's too long overall.

AGD minus 1:
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Its cool, the middle part is a bit hard but after a few goes I got it.
very nice
No more to say.
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*5aves* *reviews*

<3 this map. For the reasons listed in my review.


They do suck...
anyways, a very complex map. seems like you worked quite hard on it.... 4/5


people who fight are idiots. O_o


AAA =p
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! =P
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You know...

They're probably gay. Good map, though. :D