Undead Chain

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Author drikam
Tags action author:drikam bitesized chaingun flowy rated
Created 2008-04-26
Last Modified 2008-04-26
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Yay! I'm quite proud of this map! I really like it.

AGD is possible and it isnt soooo extremely hard.
I got all gold near mines without any trapdoors.

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Very cerebral and well managed, again. You're rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. 4aved and add to my list.

I <3 you!!!


Love this map

Great style, gameplay, one of the best I've seen around in a while. 5aved


Double posting isn't a pain for me, thanks for bitesize!
I really dig the machine gun drone usage and the ease at which you can get around the map. I can never get machine gun drones in my maps cause they never fit right:(


I dont think any of you knew me but i havent been on for a year and this map caught my eye. 5avedsized. Apparently i can still bitesize.
very beginning.
excellent apart from that.


Thanks mintnut.
It's really really good. Sometimes, I wish I had bitesize privileges.


Death AGD! =)
Demo Data


Death. But its a good route to take.

And its flowy!
Demo Data
Really nice, maybe just too many difficult jumps for my liking.
Well deserving of a 4.5