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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson playable rated
Created 2008-04-27
Last Modified 2008-04-27
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Map two in the X Window Sys Environments FTW!!
...? series.

First map, KDE, is here

Collab with me and sidke.

He did the tiles, I did the placement. I tried to make it simple, as that made the last one good. Opinions please

Sidke did a pretty bad-ass job with the tiles-

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I recall playing this map when you made it but somehow completely missed the linux reference. It's still a good map.

XD Good tho.

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Fun map, but having to go under the foot that much got kinda annoying. 4/5
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"Your Flash Player might have been running with an abnormally speed"
it's a good map but that shit ruined it :/


5aved, i would size this if i could...


Hehe, nice level though.
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saw it

thought it would be the KDE logo with the K.. that was what i meant.. that map wasnt too bad though..
anyway, keep it up :)

why don't you?



just as a thought, kde could make a good map.. have a look into it :P


anyway, its good, the level overall is pretty nicely structured, if a bit short. i quite enjoyed it, although the launches at the start added about zilch to the gameplay.
4/5, nice map to an odd theme


i think he said something about gnome, lemme change the title


isnt that gnome, not kde?
anyway, ill have a look


with the new data
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added a trapdoor
I think i'll edit it
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approach this as you will, but I will ask you to keep off the walls, it's better gameplay, for I based the level off it.