Door non- intensity.

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2005-08-20
Last Modified 2005-08-20
by 12 people.
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Description After having spent around 10 hours on door intensity, and having it go down so badly due to lag, difficulty and loading time, I decided to edit and thus solve two problems.

The lag should be totally gone now, I hope. And the difficulty, while not being so easy that a half dead monkey could complete it, is considerably easier than the original.

If people still find it too hard, I'll edit it.

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I NOW THIS I A BAD place to write this, but i don't now where i should do it.
How do you add a n level?


I NOW THIS I A BAD place to write this, but i don't now where i should do it.
How do you add a n level?
Well, the ugly thing isn't really an issue, admittedly.

But I stand by what I said, I just didn't really enjoy playing it. Someone who gives it more perserverance probably would though.


I love the map! I usually don't rate anymore but this was to good to not. I have not played the original map but this was awsome! I don't mind trap-door-labarints (I'm swedish, so don't blame me for my grammatik) and I have always loved hybrid maps (in this case: puzzle/action/race). Then about the look. Most of you says it's ugly but I…… I don't really know… it's ugly in a beutiful way. The different shapes is working great in it's own space.
Great layout.
Great game.
Great map.

I repeat:


Much better without the lag. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looked like something really REALLY ugly though.


I don't see any problem with this. This definately warrants more than a 3 from me. There's little more to say, other than I enjoyed this.
Lag is no longer a problem.
It is now more playable. But the style does mean it is a bit confusing at times.
And, well, it's still ugly.

All this combined: it's not good enough to warrant more than 3/5. I know how it feels to be in your position.

See Realine -
You rated it 5/5. You seem to really like this type of map. I made it, I really liked it. Overall... it gets 2.5/5.
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So, in summary, this map was doomed from the start. The combination of the type of gameplay and the load time were very bad omens. As it went, you made a good job of it. Just a shame that you didn't stand a chance of really being successful with it.

The original...