Palm tree

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Author formica
Tags author:formica incomplete rated
Created 2005-08-21
Last Modified 2005-08-21
by 10 people.
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Description Tilesets, get your tilesets! Fresh from the cutting room floor!

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This is pretty old; How'd it get all the way to #1?
when i seen this!! great job, and you are the best at making tileset art!!! 5/5


i LOVE Worms Armageddon, awesome game! and by the way, nice tileset, formica


This is like worms. Heh heh.


This *really* reminds me of a single player mission from Worms Armageddon. The palm tree's trunk really makes me want to bazooka through it to get to higher ground.


ill take it thanks:P
don't worry, you'll get your credit...

Its cool but...

You have done much better in the past. Dem bones Dem bones is a great tileset from you, not to mention its also a great map for gold runs. This is kind of a let down compared to your previous submissions. On a similar note I have a tileset that I'm particularly proud of, check out Abstract Hollow