Bounceblock Superjump Practice Evolution

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Author runningninja
Tags author:runningninja bounceblocks bouncee-jumping doublejump mines practice resub sequel superjump thuwmps training unrated
Created 2008-05-01
Last Modified 2008-05-10
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Map Data

Description This is a resub, fixing a cheat on the original map. Sequel to .
RCE, and I RCE you.
mushroomheadman4 gets the DED! For nreality demo. Unfortunately, he didn't get any competition.


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AGD. NReality 112.225
Demo Data
111.100 AGD
Demo Data


Speedrun. This was amazingly fun :)
Demo Data

Too many tags

BTW, I liked it. It was good training. You also dont need the double jump, if you know how to use thwumps correctly. I forgot to record, but I got an AGD, I think this would actually be harder without the thwumps, and with mines along the left wall.
4/5+1 because i think somebody sniped your map.


who rated 0 on this map? That's sniping, right?