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Author LordOfPeanuts
Tags author:lordofpeanuts bitesized n-art nonplayable pokemon rated
Created 2008-05-01
by 138 people.
Map Data

Description I wasted about 8 hours of my life on this...

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The general opinion of people on pokemon (at least those who have actually played it), from my experience:

Age 5-10: awesome!
Age 11-15: ewww it's gay
Age 16+: awesome!


Wow, I feel stupid for using door switches for blue now...


1 000 000% AWESOME!!!

the shading is simply UNREAL



too many gold. ur a gold spammer man. and that tileset!! omgfg .. ur so bad at this map making.. 5aved


the most frickin amazing thing that i can't even imagine how long that must of taken to make

Yeah, Templex, well

Your Face! Ha! It took almost a year to think of the perfect comeback but I did it. >:)


boobs are hot
she does. just look.
You guys are fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunny.


|o| 555

I may hate pokemon,

but lets face it: this is ausome. 5

HOLY crap

how come i havent seen this yet?!






Pokemon not so kewl
Your n-art very kewl
i would rate it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.../5
if i could but i cant so 5/5


crazy good


this is pretty friggin awesome, and all that shit about the pokemon suckiness is a bunch of nerd talk XD 5/5




Yowch, you must need hand surgery...
I might even pay to have it framed and put on my wall!


Looks Good!

That is a lot of thwumps... couldn't you have used drones for a lot of it?
I cant even do any seriously complicated n arts because my computer had pushed its limits too far. I'd keep that computer for a long time...

5/5 Also one of the best n-arts ive ever seen.

My opinion is:


yourmapssuck... don't call something gay, say you think it is gay then expect abuse...
everyone else... shut up. It is a damn good n-art, but the comments are now plagued with abuse, and filthy language... Mekkah m=please don't use that C word...

dont swear... it's annoying.

templex, you like daft punk? sweet.

peanut lord... nice art. $5 good colour...
well done...


Just read through the comments
and now I have MY opinions to share-
yourmapssuck- well what else can be expected with a name like that?
mekkah- NUMA is a place for N- it's not a website to trade insults. You want to do that? Find some abstract forum nobody cares about and do it there
anyone else- you have your opinions, i have mine- I personally, don't need to hear your opinions on this nart.
anyways, 5aved
i cant make nart for crap


Looking at comments on this map, i'm confused. This is N, not Pokemon, and sure it's a Pokemon made from N but do we really need to go on about it here? It's about the map, not what it links to. I don't exactly collect pokemon, but their not exactly "gay" either. Forget about other peoples opinions.

what im amazed at

is that so few people actually commented on the nart as an art and given some advice or ideas on how to improve it. i did it to an extent, mrgy did it. some others did, but everyone else just moaned and whined.

saying that ima continue some of that moaning by saying that toshosoft has a point - if a good art has got a terrible subject then that should be taken into account to. the subject is as much part of the art as the style.
also - miyoser - gay has been a derogetary term for quite a while now. i can - by your reasoning - say that when someone says something is gay it dosnt mean that (and the better meaning here is) to people of the same sex are in love/sexual relations, but are happy. the word did mean happy a long time ago. to call something gay is gonna continue to be as meaningful an insult as any other. what if i call someone a cock. im not literally implying that they are a penis or a cockrel, im just insulting them and calling them an oppinionated douche (again - i dont mean that they are a product for female sanitation)


Meant five. not tie.


I have a feraligater. I like it. I like this map. Therefore it's an instant tie.


Instant 5!
Okay, everybody is entitled to their opinion. I do /not/ however, believe that yourmapssuck and Mekkah should have said some of the things they did. I don't care if you hate a map or hate pokemon, but to call it gay makes no sense to me. Do you know what's gay? Sexual intercourse between two men. Gay is not a synonym for "stupid" or "childish". I hate that gay is used in such a derogatory fashion.

As for the art, I think it's great, just not /as/ great as a lot of other n-arts. 4/5
Hey, I don't like pokemon. So how about I zero this map? In fact, I'll do just that.
What, you're telling me my opinion should have nothing to do with my vote?
Voting is a form of stating your opinion!
Voting WITHOUT considering your opinion is MEANINGLESS!

And you know I'm right.
but this is not top rated worthy. Honestly. What I find sad is that people rate N-Arts to highly (Same with DDA's). Maybe it's because there are more playable maps, but this really isn't top rated. The fact that 2/10 top rated maps are playable scares me.


That's amazing. 5
I'm surprised your computer didn't blow up with lag.
because you can actually play them.