Drone Overload

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Author Chaotix_0
Tags action author:chaotix_0 playable rated
Created 2005-08-21
Last Modified 2005-08-21
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I have been pondering the uses of this tileset for a while, and I really liked this drone idea, the problem is... it lags, at least for me it does. But luckily it doesnt for everyone, my comp is just crappy. Don't let that sway you, this is a fun map for all gold runs, and it will take more than a little bit of timing. If you want to plan a route then DDA at the begining, you drop safely down. I await your feedback and your demos, enjoy the map...

Oh yah and someone out there, post an all gold demo of my map abstract hollow, prove to the world that it's possible

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...But hard, and odd. 3/5.


Rating something down because you happen to hate zap drones is stupid. I don't want to be stupid.


Nope. Neither. Your map is fine, it's just too laggy for my computer. So what?
And as for Ngaged I just don't get what he means. If he hates zap drones why does he rate your map 4/5?


Am I to understand that you didn't like my map, or did you just post that out of hate for Ngaged. Rude much...


Ngaged, you rate EVERYTHING a 4/5. Not that that's bad.
I have a 800mHz computer... I'll abstain.

And.... "Grr...I don't like zap drones...oh well."
So??? Why did you rate it a four?


Grr...I don't like zap drones...oh well. I still thought the map was pretty cool. 4/5! Good job.
I just couldn't get the rhythm down. But that's my problem! Excellent and fun level. Quite puzzle-actiony.


Actually kind of a cool map, and it (surprisingly) didn't lag for me so it was fun. 3/5