Liquid Sugar

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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga collab losttortuga playable rated templex
Created 2008-05-04
Last Modified 2008-05-04
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Me and Templex collab'd.

We made some mushrooms.


There is flow in this only if you have the skills to find it.

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I'm treating this as a tileset. I'm not going to play it, because no matter how fun this is, the tileset is better. It's getting a 5ave, and that's that.

Now eat mushroom.


...Back to my regular semi-formality...

Go ahead.

That would be sweet.


sugarry goodness
Maybe it is my style but maybe not. I didn't really like it, but I didn't really "like" other levels which I gave some good ratings. It was fun though. I gave it a 4.



This map seriously brings me to new levels of fear that taunt every phobia in the depths of my soul. It was so intense that I had to play the map in 3 sections to take a breather and clean the shit out of my pants. Looks awesome and amazing 4.5/5 well done.

This is seriously making me feel claustrophobic. I have a minor case but i dunno what the problem is, i could only play the first part, it looks amazing, the tileset is great and the mushrooms or whatever are awesome, 4.5/5 well done.


I enjoyed the collab.

can't wait to play it.