Probable, Almost Certain Future

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Author stev0
Tags author:stev0 playable race rated
Created 2008-05-05
Last Modified 2008-05-05
by 7 people.
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Description OMG
a race?!?!
It cant beeee
but yes! it is!
Yep, i wanted to make a flowy, small map, but it turned into a race.
took bout 2 days to make

this is one of my first flowy races
i need all the input i can get on this

post demos

flow demo included just in case

i know its cheatable
but whats the fun in cheating it?
it completely kills what the map is all about
do it how its supposed to be done
plus if u cheat, u cant get AGD

ahh ok
i see what da_man894 was talking about
ty :D

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It flowed pretty nicely, but the tileset didn't look very great. 4/5.
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Too fast?

I ran into the zapdrone.
IMO, it felt overcluttered.
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that part

was kinda used to make the race longer
but it ended up that you had to use it too many times
thanks 4 the tip


pretty cool
I liked everything except maybe the very end, just because you use that same loop 1 too many times imo. Though I'm not sure what you could do differently so I won't rate down because of it.

cheated :P

Just move the exit activator a little, and make sure its not cheatable. other than that, 4/5 =)
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srry bout that
heres a demo
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i dont get it

which way do you go?