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Author nevermore
Tags action author:nevermore bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-08-22
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description I love this map, Regardless of the fact that it's very linear.
I've never seen a map like this on NUMA before, and I love the uniqueness.
Also, the tiles are symmetrical while the objects are not. I think that's really cool.
I just love this map. I think it's very enjoyable, and I hope you do too. And please, please comment.

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Fair enough... It just sorta seems like extra effort to accomplish something that just ends with... well, extra effort. Still a very, very nice level, though.



Hold on

I found the top incredibly easy.
Also, if you move quickly, the floorguards will stay seperate.


The two halves are both fun. However, doing the bottom (and easier) half gets annoying quite quickly.

Also, why are there two floor guards down the bottom? They merge after one or two sweeps... at least if you play like me...

But, still a very nice map.


Might as well post this all gold demo.
You're not in the top for very long. It's just an easy little ending that has a neat flow.
Demo Data


Oh so fun. The jumping part down the bottom was alot more fun than the top, and the top was slightly empty, but great map otherwise.

Very fun

It is a in a way unique. Very fun though. fav'd.