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Author sept
Tags author:sept bitesized featured hydrophobia rated
Created 2008-05-08
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description Yahoozy bitched and wanted this on here. It's from the mappack The Souls of the Forgetton Dragon.

This map was featured on 2008-06-25

Hydrophobia. Hydrophobia by sept. Hydrophobia, the Metanet map from a dysfunctional family, by sept. Hydrophobia, with its seven tall towers. Hydrophobia, so sloppy looking, yet so beautiful. Hydrophobia, with it's unique and interesting challenges to be conquered to gather its seven switches. Hydrophobia, one of sept's most complex and wonderful maps.

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I like this

yesss the tileset could be made by a noob, and sure that mine amoment mentioned wasnt righteously placed, but the challenges in each are were very enjoyable. 4aved


:D I like it, especially the multiple routes (he says after he copies the fastest demo jump for jump)
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here's a rough agd that is faster than buddy lee's agd but can still be improved by a fair bit.. nice map. I like the simplicity actually.. 4/5
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you're very erudite, ryzor.

In case you wern't aware - I like to flaunt my literary prowess.
Quite potent when combined with potential myelitis from spinal cord swelling.


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when difficulty swallowing, and the morbid fear of consumable liquids occurs.
hydrophobia is a symptom of rabies.

Agreed with AMLT.

Not one of sept's best, and definitely a mistake for featured.

I don't like it

I think it was a good idea for a map, but it wasn't executed well and overall I found it awkward to play.

Watch my demo; why is that mine there? That's a perfectly feasable route but that mine just had to destroy it.
Also if you go the other way, you'll get picked off by the rocket. What's the point in that?

You seem to have based this map upon a single route, and thus not paid any attention to other such routes.

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It's like

a Metanet map from a dysfunctional family. 5aved.

Faster AGD

Thanks josh!
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crap agd

buddy lee you rock.
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Sarzed? Really?

Not that good at all.


Sweet work.
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