Laser Turrets

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Author UniverseZero
Tags action agd author:universezero fun glitch nreality playable unrated unusual
Created 2008-05-09
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Description ***NREALITY ONLY***

A small level with a few surpries.

This is not intended to be a fantastic map, it's just something I drew up for fun.

However, that doesn't mean I don't want you to like it ;)

FIRST AGD gets a ded. (Be Quick!) Posting on Nreality is not nessessary, but would be proferred.

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- No gold delay.
- No spammed objects (gausses, mines, exits, one-ways)
- No repeated passing through corridors, especially when it's more than twice.

Sorry to be blunt, but this is not a good map, and those points above are just very obvious ways to make it better. Ultimately, even if all those were addressed, it's just not fun. :/

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nreality only suprises you

Oh yeah...

Sorry to all the people who think I'm overdoing this drop door thing... 3(