Innovative Propaganda 1010

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray bitesized rated skyray-action
Created 2008-05-09
Last Modified 2008-06-05
by 29 people.
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Description I loved this idea, and i love how the tileset turned out too. Resubmission due to complaints. I fixed almost everything and got rid of some unnecessary doors and rockets. Only 4 rockets now ^^ This can be pretty challenging but i'll go ahead and post a demo if anybody gets stuck. Please rate comment and enjoy.

Dedication map to fastest AGD by May 13th. Good luck.

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In parts, this lacks flow, which is a missed opportunity...
By the way, you owe me a ded for the second cardboard underground dsemo I believe :P
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@ Blackson

There are almost no maps that I think are perfect, this map had some tiny things with the tileset and some small aspects of gameplay that kept it from getting a 5 from me, but I would rate it a 4.9 if I could. I think that this map should be bitesized because it is a really cool idea that is implemented very well. A few small issues with the gold placement isn't going to stop me from bitesizing it.

This is great.

The first thing I did when I saw the original was change it to four rockets and take out the trapdoors, which is exactly what you did here. I don't see anything I would change about this map. 5/5
great job much easier on the top area now. 4.5/5

btw im working on this concept too just with about 10 rockets. thanks for inspiration :)
There were a few tiny things that kept it from being perfect, but an awesome map. 4.5avedized
I don't know about you but that isn't too bad of a score.
See how the lag is gone but its not really any easier? (even if you kept the traps, good that you removed them)

What's so exceptional about it?


So why a 3.5, whats so average about it?


Much better this time around man.


My demo is sPiCy.
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example AGD

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