Path of the Super(duper)

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Author Sam_da_Man
Tags action author:sam_da_man fun medium open playable unrated
Created 2008-05-10
Last Modified 2008-05-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Ok, so this is actually the first map i ever made, hope some people have a little fun on it really!
Not to hard either
any advice on how to improve my maps is GREATLY appreciated!

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Stairs :]

There pretty ugly. Try putting some "E" blocks under the triangles to make them look better. & the mine placement under the 2nd section of stairs wasn't that great. Try to make it more symmetrical.
overall= 3.2/5 (rounded)

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I like the big slope, and the map overall was decent fun. However, for next time, try considering the overall looks of your map. It should be fun to play, as well as nice looking. Also, try improving the switch layout - as you have it now, there are a lot of switches that are not exactly needed to create good gameplay. Maybe consider making a map with less restrictions such as oneways and switches?
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