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Author Bleach00
Tags author:bleach00 rated test
Created 2005-08-22
Last Modified 2005-08-22
by 8 people.
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Description Yeah, the title may be my suckiest yet. This is actually a DDA, but seeing as its my first, and based mostly on launch pads, trap doors and gold delay, it may bring my rating down. But I just wanted it up here. Anyway, feel free to flame or berate me, oh great DDA gods :) (Nevermore, Sendy, Formica, tired.)
Anyway, here ya go. I have a few close calls with the rocket--they were better, but it suddenly screwed up for some reason and I had to scrap some stuff.

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well, hasnt this turned into quite a little incident. Anyway, as I said its not great. Thats why I submitted it as Test Level rather than DDA, because it would have killed my rating.


Too many stacked launchpads, and things in the map that had no point at all. The part where you had to press left for a bit to move was slightly disconcerting.


No need to stack the launchpads though.


You weren't calling him stupid. I'm saying Bleach isn't stupid to do that for no reason.

Not to*

Typo, But what are you talking about that whole comment was confusing, the way you worded it. Ok well if you want me to make a DDA of the same calibur as this then I will. BUT All I was trying to tell bleach, NOT CALLING HIM STUPID! Was that 2 launch pads spaced out is the same as liek 4 right next to eachother. This DDA wasn't great but he can get better as with anyone with just a little bit of practice.

What the hell?

I just told him to to put a bunch of launch pads in a row.
MWB, do you seriously think Bleach is that stupid? He has a reason. Why don't you try making a DDA. (Let's hope he does)
Lucidium just made an all-normal-door DDA :\
It suddenly screws up because you added too much of either gold, monsters, traps (thus causing lag... and screwing it up.)
Some laser drones weren't used, and I got stuck on a launchpad going down. Yeah.


The thing is I don't make DDA's but I still know that you don't have to cram a bunch of launch pads in a row like that oneor two would give you the same effect. Especially when goign straight up, to go up a wall only use like two and you willget the job done just the same. You didn't use gold delay as mush as it you made it seem, which is good. Just don't cram things on a row thats all.