Our Team. Our Team. Our Team.

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Author MidnightGetaway
Tags action author:midnightgetaway rated
Created 2008-05-11
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Still trying to get 'reaquainted' with NED.
Maize and Blue.

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Pretty fun.

Demo Data

agree with mintnut

I dub thee: the pioneer of post-old-school, pre-contemporary-styled mapping. this is a prime example, I would think

Please come back =(

everyone in Mirage is begging to have you come back.

This map is beautiful. 5/5.
Like, it looks nice. I like the contrast between the right and left sides in this map.

I just think the gameplay was a *little* bit generic. It's a nice map, though, to be sure.

very nice

i liked the layout of the gold. nice floorgaurds too. the demo is me trying to get an agd and mirerably failing. 5/5

the rocket is abusive ;_;
Demo Data
I have an unreleased map lying around that uses shapes pretty much exactly like the ones you've got on the right side of this map. o,o