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Author Hund
Tags action author:hund easy fun micro mini nreality playable unrated
Created 2008-05-13
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Map Data

Description N-REALITY ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can play this level only with n-reality!

If you´ve got it already, congratulation...
If you haven´t got it, you can download it here:

I hope you´ll have fun.

please rate and comment my level

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its pretty long

but i enjoy'd. better than 5 different maps with their own little ideas.

#11739:0| D=


how do i play this? im too big to fit through any of the do i move through the level or become mini?

Oh man

What is it about this tiny-ninja thing? I'm at a loss to explain it. As soon as people find out about it, they go and make a really long, hard tiny-ninja map. This is somewhere in the range of the 10th-15th example of it. I just don't get it.


Finished but I needed more than 9000f :D
Demo Data


dead_N you right,

my next map with this mini-N will be shorter

As for the map

Damn... I hate it, it's too long, and if you die when you're half-way there, you won't even bother to try again, it's that long!


Seriously? That's impossible


have i missed something? cuz i havent even heard about n reality