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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot bitesized featured fun playable puzzle rated test
Created 2008-05-13
Last Modified 2008-05-13
by 28 people.
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mostly a test map. happy concept though. i think what really nails it are the drones, every time you play something different happens. enjoy (i know i did)

rCe - tell me what you think

fastest agd by friday gets a dediccation

This map was featured on 2014-06-30

lord_day "recently" made a map called Caveman Dig [] which rekindled my flame for puzzle maps. After a few days of browsing NUMA, I happened upon this diamond, though I didn't realize its worth until now. I have been trying and trying to duplicate the concept, but I could never manage to make it better than this. There's a perfect balance between difficulty and enjoyability here, and far be it from me to deny that. So congratulations, spudzalot, it looks like Drought was enough to quench my thirst. — Aidiera

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i made a very similar concept demo awhile ago, but with trap doors instead of normal doors

Demo Data

Demo Data

'08 numa seems like yesterday


Demo Data

I remember

that the very first map I made was a much poorer version of this idea.
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Oh diggy dang, thanks Aidiera. It is crazy to think about how many years ago I made these maps, back when dedications were a thing haha.

Seems great!

Also, nice review Aidi!


I might use this concept.
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my my

this looks quite fun by the look of the thumbnail.

Great map

Yes, I am continuing those RCE's again. ^_^


AGD (-6) :(

I thought this was an AGD. But then I saw the gold at the top, >_>

Im sad now.
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Man, this is hard.
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Very fun, great concept. However, I hate having to run all the way through the drone area at the beginning, which has no point on the way there. If you had the ninja elsewhere so that you didn't have to run through every single time, I might give it a 5. 4.5
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Demo Data

decently fast AGD

but it may get blown out of the water.
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cool concept

just a bit hard coming back for me anywayz.

Definitely one of my new favorite authors.
5aved on this one for innovation. (I suck so I don't even have a completion demo.) :P

It's a good concept, but I think it could be used more effectively in a different way, because it's way too easy right now, and not very fun.

Best I could do..

Not as easy as it looks. My best AGD.

I like the concept, well done too. 4.5/5
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heres an example

speedrun, messed up because of lag
oh and that tileset is supposed to be a crazy hightech brigdge! XD
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