Grievance Spoke

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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2005-08-24
by 53 people.
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Description I like this. It's very original.
You can either go for all gold or stop after doing one side.
Tell me what you think.

This map was featured on 2008-07-23

Usually when you stumble upon the 'race' tag, you'll be presented with something that's been shaded in a loop-by-numbers colouring book, with a crayon and a seemingly masochistic reverence for the lines.

As scary as that may seem, be warier still of the race that lies in the bushes outside your window at night, in full camouflage gear and a rulebook wrapped around a wooden plank. With rusty nails. Dipped in acid.

One of the most devious of them all is surely 'Grievance Spoke'. Be warned: here's a perfect example of how to 'race' with less 'base'. — astheoceansblue

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Completion demo!
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Can't beat it,

but this is one of the best maps ever. 4.5/5 and faved


I fanally got an AGD!!!!! Yayzers! Awesome map, BTW. 5/5
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Can anyone help me with this part?
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Demo Data


(did I spell that right?) 5/5aved


Wasn't expecting that. 4aved


I never expected a race to look like this.
The flow wasn't perfect, but was still pretty good.


for sure.

It's certainly not flawless, but it's something different and once you've got the trick there's definitely a thrill to it.
One, that it's cheatable, and the other that it's hard to get right. But when you do, its a rollercoaster of a ride.


I had a hard time figuring this map out. but I did finish it.
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Great map.

I am wuite troubled by this demo though, have a peek.
Demo Data

Great Map

I like it, and it is unique as stated. 4.5
Didn't make it.
Demo Data

great map

I did complete it the "real way", but I found a much faster route...
Demo Data


Quick flow. Once you stop, flow gets interrupted and stuff gets difficult.


Demo Data


People liked this much more than I thought they would. Cool.


It wasn't as fast, but it's all gold.
Demo Data


I'm actually working on one as we speak.
I have about five unfinished ones in my database, but they're not very good. I think the one I'm doing now is going to be cool, though.

Looks Good...

I'll have to play it when I get home. Also keep on making those top rate DDAs!!! I'm a big fan!!


brilliant level once you get the hang of it. well thought out. felt like a DDA.
I think one of you forgot.

what a rush!

easily a 5/5.


Flows well and the times you have to stop or jump or wait makes things tough-ish


Missed a few pieces of gold.
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