Rocks and Hard Places

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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-08-24
by 54 people.
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Description This is a very tight, fast-paced map. However, you won't survive very long if you just run into it. Work out a route, watch how the thwumps move, and you'll make it to the end.
I'm pretty sure there's more than one way to complete this, so speed demos might be quite interesting.

This map was featured on 2011-01-20

This is Rocks and Hard Places, from Lucidium, one of the oldest and most poignant mappers of all generations. He was a true master of making addictive maps in style. Back in his day, he spawned ideas and even genres that are now rampant. This is one of them. A simple, quirky puzzle, it is small enough to not be gratuitous, while dancing that fine line between a great challenge and maddening frustration. Rocks, as Lucidium says, requires you to think about your moves in advance, to plan your route. Pay attention, and you will have a mess of fun. — Orion_

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However I think it is bloody challenging, and because of this; nulls the concept a bit for me. If it were stretched out more, I think it would be more enjoyable - rather than just dying in the first 5 seconds.

But of course that depends on skill. Still, thats my opinion.


i love Lucidium

i love his maps alot. like alot.

Good choice. Unique map.

I used fbf...

To cheat at the end.
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Agd (underclocked)

Excellent concept, perfectly executed.
Puzzlish, fun and intense in highscore or in underclocked.
No reason to not 5aved this.
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insane map.. 5/5

ohhh yeah

thats really fun


current fastest. this map is as clever as it is old. Instant classic. 5aved.
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I'm bad at these kinds of maps, but 4.
as helpful objects in a nonconventional way


cha-ching, cool.
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can't tell if I love or hate this map... I can't get past the first switch (demo), but I know it's a great level. I can't stand this level, so 5/5 and a favorite.
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Terrific idea!

Frustrating, chaotic, but very fun and challenging! I did it pretty fast, and I managed to get all the gold... too bad I f*cked up a little right before the end...
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love it

fun map + record ( i think)
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This is definately one of my facourite maps ever.
The most deservant 5 I ever gave.
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Oops. Double (now triple) post.. Guess I'll post a new demo a few frames faster. BTW, how do you check how many frames it is?
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Speed run...
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Speed run...
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all-gold here, loved the map. 5/5
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This is quite possibly the coolest idea ever. Fast-paced split-second decisions have never been more fun.


That is Splendifourous. 4.5

Oh, by the way

Great background tileset. It works perfectly with the map.
You totally stole my name! I warned you beforehand, and you totally ignored me. NOW I'M ANGRY! >:(

Great map

One of my favorites ever. I beat it when Lucidium posted it on the forums. Here's my demo.

Oh, right. 5/5, fav'd.
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This level is one tough cookie. Fortunately for small levels like this I happen to have enough patience. It's also fast-paced. I was thinking of a perfect score but there are a tad too many floor chasers. Seriously, two of them is hard enough already. All and all an excellent effort.

4.5 out of 5


This is an amazing level. It's simple, beautiful, and fun. It's also really challening. It's all the things an N level should be. I finished the right side, but couldn't get to the left.

Thoroughly enjoyed. 5 out of 5.